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Meet Our Team

Our History

NRP Properties and Contractors was established by husband and wife, Greg and Puleng Tubane, in 2007. The inspiration to start a construction company derived from being let down by the contractor that was building their house, which indicated great potential of losing money. They then looked into completing the project themselves and decided to take up the challenge to avoid great losses. In the process of completing their home NRP Properties and Contractors was born.

The entrepreneurs created a name for NRP Properties and Contractors in the refurbishment and tenant installation space from an office at home. The company grew to becoming specialist in refurbishment, tenant installations, dry-wall partitioning, minor building and road maintenance in the built environment.

NRP Vision:
To be a company that is recognised for the creation of warm and comforting environmental spaces in the property community

NRP Mission:
To provide quality workmanship, efficient turnaround times through caring, commitment and dedication in partnership with our clients in the private and public property community.

NRP Values:

Creating warm and comforting environment in the property space that meet client’s expectation.
A caring attitude towards our clients and staff within confinement of the contract and legal framework.
Provide quality services, professionalism and meeting turnaround times.
We passionate about what we do through commitment and dedication.
Inspire loyalty, respect, honesty and trust through our business operations.

This is what differentiates us in the market. Whether we’re refurbishing premises, completing minor building, road maintenance or undertaking a tenant installation, we believe in adding value to each project we work on. To this end, we focus on providing quality workmanship in all we do.

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Puleng N Tubane

Managing and Financial Director

Gregory Tubane

Managing and Projects Director